the barcelona journal: la roca village

På vei ut av Barcelona stoppet vi i La Roca Village. Outlet-byen kan best beskrives som en søt liten by med pastellfargede hus, rene gater og blomster over alt. Merkebutikkene på begge sider av handlegaten hadde salg, men jeg klarte å dra hjem tomhendt. Shopping i førti varmegrader er ikke noe særlig for denne nordboeren..

→ On our way out of Barcelona we stopped by La Roca Village to explore the beautiful outlet city and do some bargain hunting. The city, that can better be described as the cute little town of small houses. The streets are clean with decorations and flowers all over. On both sides if the street the brand stores welcome you with great offers and chap prices. Even so I found myself without a singel shopping bag by the end of the day. Shopping spree in 40 degree celcius was maybe not the best idea for this northerner.