the costa brava journal: nomad festival

nomad festival sant feliu costa brava

Sunday means market day in Sant Feliu de Guixols, and after passing the food market and strolling "the gispy market" we finally found time to pass the Nomad Festival near the beach of Sant Feliu de Guixols. Im a big sucker for food trucks and ended up with way too many photos, so bare with me. I really made an effort to limit myself.

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Sushi, icecreams, tacos and bravas. Crepes, hummus, nachos and pizzas. Vehicle after vehicle with tasty street food.

Can we just all agree that food trucks are the best thing ever? The colourful trucks, the funny details, and the consept of food on-the-go. 


In the heart of the market we found the seating area, the bar and the stage. Chairs, benches and group tables were all perfectly places with a conveniently short distance to the beer and the food. We got each our dish and shared between us, as it should be done. 

nomad festival sant feliu costa brava
nomad festival sant feliu costa brava

 No need to mention how happy we were to find some vegetarian alternatives among all the meat and sweets! Tasty nachos and delicious croc for dinner. Yummy!

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Marc was pretty pleased with the festival too.

nomad festival costa brava sant feliu
nomad festival sant feliu costa brava

It was a pleasant surprise to se such great variety of people coming together during the Nomad Festival. As expected we found a lot of young people, but there was not a lack of middle aged- and old people, nor children or family. Locals and tourists side wandered the market side by side. 

For food-lovers nothing really beats a gathering of food trucks, but the Nomad Festival offered other goods for those who were less up for street food than us. As any proper festival the Nomad offers a "shopping street" with sunglasses, arts and crafts and clothes. Perfect if you are up for some afternoon shopping, or if you are looking for a souvenir with a bit more charm and soul.