the bearcelona journal: palo alto market #02

After our flash visit to the Palo Alto Market back in January it was a given to pop back to the market during these summer days in Barcelona. Nice weather, live music and delicious food in beautiful suroundings. It was really a no-brainer for us. 

palot alto market barcelona spain

Just like last time we arrived easily by metro and entered the market without any waiting time. The market was lively without being too crowded. A perfect, stress-free atmosphere. 

palo alto market barcelona spain

The outdoor market is located near the main entrence and is impossible to miss. The short but copious shopping street offers vintage in any form, sunglasses, vintage-style dresses and even haircuts. people on the other hand. They can be found all over the place!

palo alto market barcelona spain

As you enjoy your outdoor shopping it is near impossible not to admire the beautiful surroundings. This evergreen location is maybe the absolute best thing about the whole market. The gardens and the houses looked pretty in winter but now, during summer, everything is blooming. Flowers and green vines are climbing the buildings, there are trees and palms and even a banana plant. A proper "green lung" in the middle of dry and dusty Barcelona.

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During the warmest hours of the day it can be a bit pressing, even in under the shades from the trees. This is a perfect time to seek indoors and enjoy the cool temperature in the indoor market.

palo alto market barcelona spain

The indoor market, or the concept gallery if you want, offers designer clothes, art and crafts and unike gifts. You'll find something for everyone here. Pretty cool but also pretty pricy... 

palo alto market barcelona

As lunchtime approaches its only natural to chang focus from shopping to snacking, at least for us. In the gardens you'll find the lively eating area with bar, booths and food trucks.

palo alto market barcelona spain
barcelona palo alto market spain
barcelona palo alto market spain food

Outdoor lunches are the best lunches! We had vegetarian pitas (one with seitan and one with falafel) from Hummus Barcelona and canyas from Moritz. Highly recommended!

Why settle for one popsicle when you can try them both? These ones were perfect end-of-the-day-desserts in the shade near the Torres concert scene. Coconut was a definite favourite!